cross wrap ligna 2017 invitation

The smartest way to pack board is to cross-wrap it

At LIGNA, Cross Wrap will present the improved solutions that will take care of your industrial packaging needs in an efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly way.

The CW Board Packaging lines, featuring wrappers CW 2500 and CW 3200, enable automatic wrapping without straps for different package sizes on the same line – thus contributing to substantial savings in packaging materials and labor costs. To answer the evolving board packaging challenges even more efficiently, the 2017 models are equipped with improvements that will further increase the cost-efficiency of your operations.

The remote modem connection allows real-time control as well as instantaneous solving of any unexpected interruption in the packaging process. A web cam can be used for closer monitoring and back-ups.

Flexible integration to the overall production system provides improved efficiency and reporting. An even wider variety of automatic packing options are available for different types of storage and transportation.

Thanks to the system improvements, even wider boards can now be packed. Furthermore, the packages can be weighed and labelled automatically. An advanced RFID package identification system helps keep track on deliveries.

With Cross Wrap's global experience and expertise in board packing, you can count on reliable schedules and service. The latest lines have just been delivered to Finland, Russia, Malaysia and Brazil to pack plywood, veneer, MDF, OSB and cement fibre board.

Providing reliable protection against moisture, dust and even a bit tougher handling during storage and transportation, the CW Board Packaging lines are designed for the future. Come visit us at LIGNA to find out more!

At LIGNA, Cross Wrap can be found at hall 26, stand H47.

cross wrap ligna 2017LIGNA
22 – 26 May
Hannover, Germany
Hannover Exhibition Grounds
Hall 26, stand H47