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Cross Wrap at Lesdrevmash

Meet us at Lesdrevmash, an International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Industries.

Moscow, Russia on October 24-27, 2016
Stand 23E66 Pavilion 2 Hall 3

At Lesdrevmash, we present our newest solutions that make it possible to move wood-based board safely and efficiently, allowing it to withstand even the toughest conditions, in a way that saves time, money and all that extra hassle. Hope to see you there!

The smartest way to pack board is to cross-wrap it.

Six reasons why you should reconsider your current board packaging method 

1. Packs any wood-based material

Plywood, veneer, MDF, OSB, you name it – the original Cross Wrap packaging line handles them all. 

3. Fully automatic packaging line

The original Cross Wrap packaging line automatically wraps your boards without straps. The savings in labor costs speak for themselves.

3. One line, various sizes

The automatic line wraps differently sized packages on the same line. The ability to smoothly adjust to specific requirements improves customer service and saves money.

4. All-weather protection

The original three-phase cross-wrapping method keeps the dirt and moisture efficiently outside the package, also protecting the label.

5. Less packaging material

No straps, side or corner covers or bottom pallets required – high-quality film and bottom skids are all you need. Less material means less work, less cost and better care of the environment.

6. Delivers the goods - and the message

Thanks to their high quality and durability, the originally cross-wrapped packages can handle even rougher treatment and conditions. Goods that arrive in prime shape make your company look… good.

The Cross Wrap board packaging line handles your industrial packaging needs in an efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly way.