Meet the crosswrappers at RWM Exhibition 2016

At the Cross Wrap World Tour 2016, we present our newest solutions that further improve the opportunities to utilize waste-based fuels RDF, SRF as well as MSW and recyclables more efficiently. The next stop will be at Resource Waste Management Exhibition – hope to see you there!

CW Direct Bale Wrapper for 2-ram balers wraps waste directly from the bale chamber – no ties or wires are needed. It is also available with wire tier option.

CW Bale Openers are the safest and most economical way to automatically separate the wires, ties and film from the baled material.

CW Dewiring is the newest development to efficiently remove ties from paper, cardboard, plastic bales and any other recyclables or pulp bales.

CW 2200 and CW 2500 Bale Wrappers have experienced remarkable improvements to answer the evolving waste management challenges even more efficiently.

The Cross Wrap World Tour 2016 is in full swing – come visit us and find out more!

cross wrap crosswrap rwm exhibitio 2016RWM Exhibition – stand 5S50-T51
Birmingham, England
13th – 15th September